It’s Lights Out for Global Earth Hour March 28th

Raleighites, when was the last time you flicked off all the lights and lit some candles instead? Last time we lost power you say?

This Saturday it’s your chance ┬áto make a small gesture, and a big difference, on global warming. Right here in little ‘ol Raleigh North Carolina. And all it takes is one itty bitty hour with your power off. Earth Hour 2009 is a global initiative that takes a simple idea, but on a grand, global scale: what if everyone in the world shut off their lights for just one short hour? One household may not seem like much, but multiply that by tens of thousands, and that one simple act can have an enormous impact. And make a big difference. Just think if all the offices in Raleigh NC alone could turn off their lights for one hour.┬áLast year over 36,000,000 participated worldwide.

So this Saturday night, from 8:30-9:30, consider powering down your lights and *gasp* your TVs and computers, and lighting a few candles instead. Make a date with Mother Earth (or that someone special) and get down.

UPDATE 3/30: The Boston Globe has done a great collection of before and after photos of major landmarks during Earth Hour from around the globe. Check it.


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