Barrel Monster Creator Nabbed

barrelmonsterIt’s a sad day for Raleigh street artists. A couple weeks ago, this awesome display of creative urban art appeared overnight in a road construction zone on Raleigh’s Hillsborough Street. And if it weren’t for this photo by uliveandyouburn, it might have remained unnoticed, as the next day it had been quietly removed and dismantled by the street crew and the police.

Instantly polarizing, most who see it agree on it’s awesome creativity and imagination, while others cry foul for the cost to the company of the construction barrels. The property issue aside, if this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then your last name is obviously Scrooge. Unfortunately for its creator, or who police think is its creator– got charged with misdemeanor larceny, and charged with $360 in damage to Hamlett Associates Construction for destroying “three road blocking barrels by cutting and screwing them together to form a statue”¬†according to The Smoking Gun. The internets are also taking notice.

Uliveandyouburn, we love your work and your imagination. Stay safe.


One Response to “Barrel Monster Creator Nabbed”

  1. This is a little freaky

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