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Best Celebrity Spokesperson. Ever.

Posted in advertising, branding, culture with tags , , , on September 25, 2009 by killahfunkadelic

Celebrities have been endorsing products for decades now, the concept is nothing new. The hard part for advertisers is trying to match the right celebrity to the right product. Sometimes they work, but most of the time, it’s just fluff and not worth a whole lotta weight or the checks they have to write to the celeb.

Unless your name is Meat Loaf. And the product is A1 Steak Sauce.

Now we’re onto something! A singer named Meat Loaf, pouring A1 Steak Sauce onto a fresh meat loaf while he sings, “I Would Do Anything for Love!” Of COURSE! Bloody brilliant!

One of the most memorable spots I’ve seen recently. Even more entertaining is the contest that it promoted where A1 Fans could sing and upload their own songs about A1 to YouTube, and the finalists win a year’s supply of steaks. Check them out at


9 Months in 1.5 minutes

Posted in art, culture, life, photography with tags , , on September 9, 2009 by killahfunkadelic

Over the course of my wife’s pregnancy last fall and this spring, we decided to document the inevitable expansion of the bump into a full blown belly, and then an actual living, breathing, screaming infant. Every week we took about 5 shots standing in front of a glass door, with Sonya wearing the same outfit for the sake of continuity. 132+ shots, nine months and one delivery later, we had a stack of images that chronicled the life-changing event, seemingly so slowly at the time.

However, take those 132 shots and compile them into a timeline, add a soundtrack and you’ve got something quite compelling: the pregnancy time-lapse video. Our purpose was mostly to chronicle it for our son to someday see what his mom went through before he arrived, and to share the progress with friends and family. It was also pretty cool to watch the seasons outside change from summer to fall, then winter and finally green up again in spring. Post production was a bit more involved than I had originally intended, as the camera location drifted slightly from week to week and the shots needed to be aligned or adjusted and cropped very carefully. Should have just marked a spot on the floor after all and left a tripod up.

So this video has been sitting on YouTube (a very handy way to post and share video + bandwidth for friends and family mind you) for several months now, almost drifted out of consciousness when out of the blue I got an inquiry from a Canadian newspaper that had found the video and others like it and wanted an interview. Sure, no sweat, happy to oblige. We are mentioned briefly in the article, which is nice, and for the most part all is good.

And then the comments. Granted, some people are born to be negative all the time but some went so far as to call the videos vulgar and gross. Vulgar? REALLY? C’mon, it’s a belly. If you can’t take a bare belly or the site of a pregnant woman, then you have more serious issues at play. Seriously. Don’t ever turn on your television, NEVER leave your house and don’t even THINK about opening another magazine. Ever. But whatever you do, do NOT surf YouTube and play any video that says ‘pregnancy time-lapse’.

Clayton Visual Arts Exhibit Sept 1-30

Posted in art, culture, photography with tags , , on September 4, 2009 by killahfunkadelic
"Rusty Chains" by David Kilian

Rusty Chains by David Kilian

Clayton Visual Arts’ annual Art Faire is currently exhibiting its annual juried art competition at The Clayton Center in downtown Clayton, North Carolina. The show features works across all mediums from a wide variety of area artists, and the pieces are quite impressive.

This author was honored to have been selected for an Honorable Mention with the above photograph, Rusty Chains, shot last September on a road trip up the California Coast following the scenic California State Route 1 from San Diego to San Francisco.

The exhibit runs From Sept 1 through the 30th. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.

Moving Midway and the Southern Plantation

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Moving Midway Plantation

Moving Midway Plantation

Moving Midway is a poignant 2008 film that chronicles the rediscovery of filmmaker Godfrey Cheshire’s ancestral past encompassing a former Southern plantation near Raleigh, North Carolina. When Cheshire returns to North Carolina from New York, he finds that urban sprawl and a shopping center is creeping up on Midway Plantation, originally built in 1848. His cousin and current owner Charlie Silver proposes a controversial move: to uproot and move the family home several miles to escape the encroaching sprawl.

In the process of learning about the history of Midway, Cheshire enlists the help of history professor Robert Hinton, himself a descendant of former slaves at the Raleigh plantation.

As the film chronicles the physical moving of the home across several miles to its new location, it simultaneously chronicles a new discovery and reconciliation of a rich history and heritage, including the new discovery of at least 100 African American cousins that Cheshire and Silver were not previously aware of.

Moving Midway will be screened this Saturday at the North Carolina Museum of Art, part of a 2-day series on The Southern Plantation Revisited, which also includes a screening of Gone With The Wind and a concert of Piedmont blues featuring Algia May Hinton, herself a Midway descendant.

Obama Visits Raleigh’s Broughton High

Posted in culture, photography, politics, raleigh with tags , on July 29, 2009 by killahfunkadelic
Obama's Presidential motorcade on Peace Street in Raleigh

Obama's Presidential motorcade on Peace Street in Raleigh

If you work in the vicinity of Glenwood South or Peace Street you may have noticed the helicopters, hordes of police and State Troopers camped out on major intersections, and the occasional well-dressed gentlemen looking around with earpieces and dark sunglasses and nowhere to go.

Such was the scene as President Obama’s motorcade made its way past our office this morning on the way to Broughton High school where he delivered a speech to over 2000 spectators, reiterating his current mantra of health care reform.

After the appearance, traffic once again got locked down as the long motorcade of troopers, armored limousines and SUVS, white vans and heavily armed security made their way back out as gathered crowds on Raleigh’s Peace Street edged in closer for a better look. And in the same flash the spectacle came in, it was gone, as the din of traffic and background city noise once again filled in where it had left off.

40 Years: July 20, 1969

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Front Page from July 20th 1969 newspaper

Front Page from July 20th 1969 newspaper

Just a pause for a moment if you will to reflect on the events of 40 years ago today: Man landing. On the moon. The MOON. 40 years after the fact a repeat of a similar mission sounds not only daunting, but an unbelievably expensive undertaking, in the hundreds of Billions of dollars. And to think that that iPhone in your pocket has scads more computing power than the Apollo 11 spacecraft did 40 years ago. Chew on that.

We Choose The Moon: 40 Years after Apollo 11

Posted in culture, history, science with tags , , , on July 15, 2009 by killahfunkadelic relives the historic Apollo 11 mission, in real time. relives the historic Apollo 11 mission, in real time.

July 16th, 1969 marked the launch date of a historic space flight to the moon that resulted in the greatest historical achievement of the 20th century: man walking on the moon. It was a culmination of a decade’s hard work, momentous design, material, human and engineering achievements, spurred by John F. Kennedy’s iconic ‘We Choose The Moon’ speech at Rice University in 1962.

If you weren’t around to catch it in 1969, here is your chance to relive it moment by moment: NASA and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum will be streaming a live, real-time audio feed via, and from the site: “The audio retrospective will begin at 7:32 a.m. EDT Thursday, two hours before the spacecraft launched. The audio will continue through splashdown of the mission at 12:51 a.m. EDT Friday, July 24, and recovery of the crew shortly afterward. The Web stream will feature the communications between the astronauts and ground teams, and commentary from Mission Control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.”