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New Corporate Identity Unveiled for American Airlines

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American Airlines Rebrand

Iconic brand American Airlines has been replaced with a completely overhauled and modernized Corporate Identity, courtesy of Futurebrand.

AA new logo

The updated American Airlines mark

The classic eagle and tightly kerned letters have been replaced with more open text, and a new ‘flight’ icon that is a combination of the eagle, a star, a flag and wings all rolled into one. Interesting is the use of gradient and shading on the icon. Gone is the long red white and blue stripe down the side of the aircraft–new is the red white and blue ‘flag’ on the tails.

Read more about the update at Creative Review.


Thank You Steve

Posted in culture, design, graphic design, history, life, music, printing, tech, Typography with tags , , , , , on October 6, 2011 by killahfunkadelic home page on 10-06-11There is not a whole lot I can add to today’s blogosphere that hasn’t already been said. We will miss you Steve, and the world is richer from your contributions.

Thank you for being different. Thanks you for being easier to use. More elegant. More intuitive. Thank you for not allowing a poor product to see the light of day (ok, Newton was an idea ahead of the technology at the time), and for redoing it over and over again until it was right.

My own livelihood as a graphic designer is completely reliant on the hardware that you pioneered, and you revolutionized the design and publishing industry. You revolutionized home computing. You revolutionized the music industry. You revolutionized the cell phone industry. You revolutionized computer animation.

Since a very young age I’ve always had access or ownership of ever-more-capable Apple computers, from the early Apple II and on. It’s been a fun ride watching the technology develop and progress– to think that 20 years ago my Apple Centris 610 bosted a (seemingly huge) hard drive of 210 MB–miniscule by today’s standards–to this week’s debut of the SIRI Personal Assistant on the latest iteration of the iPhone, and iCloud launching in weeks. I will miss your keynote deliveries, and that last line that we always waited for, there’s just “one more thing…”

There is little in our world today that hasn’t been influenced in some small degree by the contributions of Apple–whether it be the products themselves or the people-centric industrial design an user-interfaces they inspired. You made the complex simple, and beautiful.

So again, Steve, thank you for going that extra mile for the rest of us. The world will miss you, but never forget you.

Killer Creative Designs Eminent Domain Law Website

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Eminent Domain Law Firm Website designed by Killer Creative Group

“nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation…”

These are the words written into the U.S. Constitution in the 5th Amendment, effectively saying that the government cannot take your private property without reimbursing you for fair value. Sometimes the fair value offered in a land condemnation hearing is questionable, and that is where Raleigh NC Eminent Domain law firm Emmett Boney Haywood comes in.

Raleigh graphic design and branding firm Killer Creative Group recently rebranded the North Carolina law firm with an entirely new Corporate Identity, a stylized brushstroke ‘E’ that also symbolized rolling hills (or a leaf, depending on your point of view). The bold new look was also introduced into the firm’s new printed stationery and signage, as well as a complete redesign of the website which just launched.

Eminent Domain and property law often delves back decades, sometimes much further back in time to determine the rightful deeds to the property in question—so history plays a large part in what the firm deals with on a daily basis. The look of the new site takes its design cues from the historical aspects of eminent domain and property law: historic maps, old deeds, cartographic flourishes and of course the U.S. Constitution all inspired the look of an old document or map. The result is a memorable, unique Identity that is different from the polished electronic feel of firm websites in the same category.

Visit the law firm of Emmett Boney Haywood at

Clayton Center 09-10 Season Launched

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Season Graphics for The Clayton Center

Season Graphics for The Clayton Center

The 2009-2010 Clayton Center performing arts series launches Saturday October 17th with two back to back performances by Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder. This marks the second season that Skaggs and his bluegrass troupe have performed at the Clayton Center. With a full stage of uber-talented musicians, he always puts on a great show and leaves his audience always wanting more.

Killer Creative Group designed the season’s graphics including banners, posters, direct mail and the season playbill, the cover of which is shown above. The design features images of some of the artists scheduled to appear this season, and meshes well into the Center’s continued branding and website with its theme of Small Town. Big Time.

Check out the full season:

Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder Saturday, October 17, 4pm and 8pm

The Spencers: Theatre of Illusion Sunday, November 15, 4 PM

Dr. Etta (Family Specialist)   Friday, January 22, 8 PM

Saturday, February 13, 8PM

Blues Bash V: Soul Mates
featuring Eric Bibb and Ruthie Foster
Friday, February 26, 8 PM

John Pizzarelli Friday, March 26, 8PM

Mike Farris & the Roseland Rhythm Review Saturday, April 10, 8 PM

Tickets, Subscriptions and Information: (919) 553-1737 or

104 Year Old Typography Icon Lost

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Ed Rodthaler, 1905-2009

Ed Rondthaler, 1905-2009

Ed Rondthaler, author, inventor, philanthropist and typographic cornerstone to the 20th century advertising and graphic design industry, died last week at the age of 104.

Born in 1905 in Bethlehem, PA, and moved to Winston-Salem, NC, Rondthaler received a degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Drake University. He originally met his wife in the ninth grade and after marrying, they moved to New York in 1929 and Croton-On-Hudson in 1941.

Rondthaler co-invented the Rutherford Photo-Lettering machine, a photographic typesetting machine that was the technological link between hot metal and modern digital typography. It enabled designers, advertisers and printers to work with more creative hand-drawn letters whereas before they were limited to metal typefaces. Rondthaler ran the iconic NYC Photo-Lettering, Inc, founded in 1936, and authored Life with Letters, and more recently, Glimpses of 100 Years of Radical Change As Experienced By A Centenarian.

Today House Industries carries on his typographic legacy, and has posted a fantastic video of Ed commenting on the English language.

NC Southern Sausage Done Right

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New Website Design for Bass Farm Sausage

New Website Design for Bass Farm Sausage

If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying North Carolina’s favorite sausage from Bass Farm, then do yourself a favor tonight. Head to your favorite supermarket and pick up a pack of ground sausage, patties or links in either mild or hot (we’re partial to the extra spices in the hot variety) and give it a try. If it’s not the best sausage you’ve ever tried, then you must be a vegetarian. Seriously. This is good stuff–always delivered fresh, never frozen, made and delivered daily in small batches from a 50 year old secret family recipe that hasn’t changed in generations. This family business has a cult-like following and although the distribution is limited to central and eastern North Carolina, foodies stock up coolers full when they visit NC to take back home with them.

The recipe hasn’t changed, the packaging hasn’t changed, and the fans are fiercely loyal. When challenged to design an online website presence to reflect Bass Farm’s traditional roots, Raleigh NC graphic design firm Killer Creative Group responded with a simple navigation, friendly conversational tone, and a decidedly ‘low-tech’ and weathered look. The website also features a handy interactive Sausage Recipes feature, where you can browse for a favorite meal idea, or submit your own. NC web hosting by Killer Hosting.

Our favorite (and a really easy) Bass Farm Sausage recipe? Simply substitute a package of hot ground sausage in place of ground turkey or beef in pasta sauce. SooOoo goood.