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40 Years: July 20, 1969

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Front Page from July 20th 1969 newspaper

Front Page from July 20th 1969 newspaper

Just a pause for a moment if you will to reflect on the events of 40 years ago today: Man landing. On the moon. The MOON. 40 years after the fact a repeat of a similar mission sounds not only daunting, but an unbelievably expensive undertaking, in the hundreds of Billions of dollars. And to think that that iPhone in your pocket has scads more computing power than the Apollo 11 spacecraft did 40 years ago. Chew on that.


We Choose The Moon: 40 Years after Apollo 11

Posted in culture, history, science with tags , , , on July 15, 2009 by killahfunkadelic relives the historic Apollo 11 mission, in real time. relives the historic Apollo 11 mission, in real time.

July 16th, 1969 marked the launch date of a historic space flight to the moon that resulted in the greatest historical achievement of the 20th century: man walking on the moon. It was a culmination of a decade’s hard work, momentous design, material, human and engineering achievements, spurred by John F. Kennedy’s iconic ‘We Choose The Moon’ speech at Rice University in 1962.

If you weren’t around to catch it in 1969, here is your chance to relive it moment by moment: NASA and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum will be streaming a live, real-time audio feed via, and from the site: “The audio retrospective will begin at 7:32 a.m. EDT Thursday, two hours before the spacecraft launched. The audio will continue through splashdown of the mission at 12:51 a.m. EDT Friday, July 24, and recovery of the crew shortly afterward. The Web stream will feature the communications between the astronauts and ground teams, and commentary from Mission Control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.”