Killer Design is published by David Kilian of Raleigh NC graphic design firm Killer Creative Group as not only a showcase of some of our more recent design projects, but Raleigh area design, music, food, photography, architecture, DIY and general cultural notes of interest as well. 

If you have a lead on a relevant post we’d love to hear it!

About Killer Creative Group : Killer Creative Group has been offering award-winning designs since 1999 for all types of businesses. We put our passion and energy into killer design. When our clients need full-service marketing help, we call in the troops—our talented team of marketing strategists, media buyers, creative professionals and public relations experts. Our independent yet collegial work structure enables us to assemble the best team of professional communicators tailored for each client. All of our people have had successful careers working for traditional marketing, advertising and public relations. Collectively, we have impressive client experience in industrial, retail and consumer brands. We combine these talents with an entrepreneurial spirit to bring our clients best-in-class communication services, honest and straight-forward recommendations, objectivity, enthusiasm and, of course, killer results.

Areas of service include: Graphic Design, Corporate Identity and Brand Development, Advertising Design, Web Design, Package Design, Raleigh Web Hosting & Domain Names.


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  1. Thanks for the mention!

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