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NC Southern Sausage Done Right

Posted in advertising, design, food, graphic design with tags , , , , , , on March 19, 2009 by killahfunkadelic
New Website Design for Bass Farm Sausage

New Website Design for Bass Farm Sausage

If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying North Carolina’s favorite sausage from Bass Farm, then do yourself a favor tonight. Head to your favorite supermarket and pick up a pack of ground sausage, patties or links in either mild or hot (we’re partial to the extra spices in the hot variety) and give it a try. If it’s not the best sausage you’ve ever tried, then you must be a vegetarian. Seriously. This is good stuff–always delivered fresh, never frozen, made and delivered daily in small batches from a 50 year old secret family recipe that hasn’t changed in generations. This family business has a cult-like following and although the distribution is limited to central and eastern North Carolina, foodies stock up coolers full when they visit NC to take back home with them.

The recipe hasn’t changed, the packaging hasn’t changed, and the fans are fiercely loyal. When challenged to design an online website presence to reflect Bass Farm’s traditional roots, Raleigh NC graphic design firm Killer Creative Group responded with a simple navigation, friendly conversational tone, and a decidedly ‘low-tech’ and weathered look. The website also features a handy interactive Sausage Recipes feature, where you can browse for a favorite meal idea, or submit your own. NC web hosting by Killer Hosting.

Our favorite (and a really easy) Bass Farm Sausage recipe? Simply substitute a package of hot ground sausage in place of ground turkey or beef in pasta sauce. SooOoo goood.